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The following questions ask whether different events have happened to you in the last 10 years. Please indicate yes or no for each.

Rented a movie.

Returned a movie you rented without having watched it at all.

Bought new clothes or shoes.

Bought new clothes or shoes you never wore.

Gone shopping for food or groceries.

Threw out food or groceries you had bought, because they went bad.

Done your own laundry.

Ruined your clothes because you didn't follow the laundry instructions on the label.

Been enrolled in any kind of school.

Been suspended from school for at least one day for any reason.

Had any kind of job.

Quit a job after a week.

Had a drivers license.

Had your driver's license taken away from you by the police.

Driven a car.

Been accused of causing a car accident while driving.

Gotten more than 5 parking tickets.

Gotten more than 5 speeding tickets.

Gotten lost or gone the wrong way for more than 10 minutes while driving.

Locked your keys in the car.

Bought any kind of car.

Had to spend at least $500 to fix a car you had owned for less than half a year.

Taken a trip by airplane.

Missed a flight.

Taken the train or the bus.

Taken the wrong train or bus.

Had any form of ID (drivers license, passport, birth certificate).

Had your ID replaced because you lost it.

Lived in a rented apartment or other rental property.

Been kicked out of an apartment or rental property before the lease ran out.

Carried a key to your home.

Had the key to your home replaced because you lost it.

Locked yourself out of your home.

Been responsible for electricity, cable, gas or water payments.

Had your electricity, cable, gas or water shut off because you didn't pay on time.

Been responsible for a mortgage or loan.

Had a mortgage or loan foreclosed.

Been responsible for rent or mortgage payments.

Paid a rent or mortgage payment at least 2 weeks too late In the last 10 years, have you ever

Used checks.

Had a check bounce.

Had a credit card.

Had more than $5000 in credit card debt.

Invested in the stock market.

Lost more than $1000 on a stock-market investment.

Been to a bar, restaurant, or hotel.

Been kicked out of a bar, restaurant, or hotel by someone who works there.

Loaned more than $50 to someone.

Loaned more than $50 to someone and never got it back.

Had a romantic relationship that lasted for at least 1 year.

Cheated on your romantic partner of 1 year by having sex with someone else.

Been married.

Been divorced.

Had sex.

Been diagnosed with an STD.

Had an unplanned pregnancy (or got someone pregnant, unplanned).

Had sex with a condom.

Had a condom break, tear, or slip off.

Had an alcoholic drink.

Consumed so much alcohol you vomited.

Received a DUI for drunk driving.

Been out in the sun.

Got blisters from sun burn.

Been in a jail cell overnight for any reason.

Been in a public fight or screaming argument.

Declared bankruptcy.

Forgotten a birthday of someone close to you and did not realize until the next day or later.

Been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Broke a bone because you fell, slipped, or misstepped.

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