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These items pertain to a series of hypothetical sketches. Each sketch describes an incident and lists three ways of responding to it. Please read each sketch, imagine yourself in that situation, and then consider each of the possible responses. Think of each response option in terms of how likely it is that you would respond that way. We all respond in a variety of ways to situations, and probably most or all responses are at least slightly likely for you. If it is very unlikely that you would respond the way described in a given response, you should circle answer 1 or 2. If it is moderately likely, you would select a number in the mid range, and if it is very likely that you would respond as described, you would circle answer 6 or 7.

You have been offered a new position in a company where you have worked for some time. The first question that is likely to come to mind is:

You have a school-age daughter. On parents' night the teacher tells you that your daughter is doing poorly and doesn't seem involved in the work. You are likely to:

You had a job interview several weeks ago. In the mail you received a form letter which states that the position has been filled. It is likely that you might think:

You are a plant supervisor and have been charged with the task of allotting coffee breaks to three workers who cannot all break at once. You would likely handle this by:

A close (same-sex) friend of yours has been moody lately, and a couple of times has become very angry with you over "nothing." You might:

You have just received the results of a test you took, and you discovered that you did very poorly. Your initial reaction is likely to be:

You have been invited to a large party where you know very few people. As you look forward to the evening, you would likely expect that:

You are asked to plan a picnic for yourself and your fellow employees. Your style for approaching this project could most likely be characterized as:

Recently a position opened up at your place of work that could have meant a promotion for you. However, a person you work with was offered the job rather than you. In evaluating the situation, you're likely to think:

You are embarking on a new career. The most important consideration is likely to be:

A woman who works for you has generally done an adequate job. However, for the past two weeks her work has not been up to par and she appears to be less actively interested in her work. Your reaction is likely to be:

Your company has promoted you to a position in a city far from your present location. As you think about the move you would probably:

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