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It is important to stay busy at work and not waste time.

I feel uneasy when there is little work for me to do.

If I want to buy something, I always wait until I can afford it.

I feel content when I have spent the day working.

Life would be more meaningful if we had more leisure time.

To be truly successful, a person should be self-reliant.

One should always take responsibility for ones actions.

I would prefer a job that allowed me to have more leisure time.

Time should not be wasted, it should be used efficiently.

Even if I were financially able, I would not stop working.

I get more fulfillment from items I had to wait for.

I schedule my day in advance to avoid wasting time.

A hard days work is very fulfilling.

The more time I can spend in a leisure activity, the better I feel.

One should always do what is right and just.

I would take items from work if I felt I was not getting paid enough.

Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.

The less time one spends working and the more leisure time one has, the better.

Things that you have to wait for are the most worthwhile.

Working hard is the key to being successful.

Self-reliance is the key to being successful.

If one works hard enough, one is likely to make a good life for oneself.

I constantly look for ways to productively use my time.

Hard work makes one a better person.

One should not pass judgment until one has heard all of the facts.

People would be better off if they depended on themselves.

Work takes too much of our time, leaving little time to relax.

One should live ones own life independent of others as much as possible.

A distant reward is usually more satisfying than an immediate one.

It is very important for me to always be able to work.

More leisure time is good for people.

One must avoid dependence on other persons whenever possible.

Even if I inherited a great deal of money, I would continue to work somewhere.

I do not like having to depend on other people.

By working hard a person can overcome every obstacle that life presents.

I try to plan out my workday so as not to waste time.

You should never tell lies about other people.

Any problem can be overcome with hard work.

How a person spends their time is as important as how they spend their money.

Even if it were possible for me to retire, I would still continue to work.

Life without work would be very boring.

I prefer to save until I can afford something and not buy it on credit.

The world would be a better place if people spent more time relaxing.

I strive to be self-reliant.

If you work hard you will succeed.

The best things in life are those you have to wait for.

Anyone who is able and willing to work hard has a good chance of succeeding.

Stealing is all right as long as you dont get caught.

The job that provides the most leisure time is the job for me.

Having a great deal of independence from others is very important to me.

It is important to treat others as you would like to be treated.

I experience a sense of fulfillment from working.

A person should always do the best job possible.

It is never appropriate to take something that does not belong to you.

Only those who depend on themselves get ahead in life.

Wasting time is as bad as wasting money.

There are times when stealing is justified.

People should have more leisure time to spend in relaxation.

It is important to control ones destiny by not being dependent on others.

By simply working hard enough, one can achieve ones goals.

People should be fair in their dealings with others.

The only way to get anything worthwhile is to save for it.

Leisure time activities are more interesting than work.

A hard days work provides a sense of accomplishment.

A distaste for hard work usually reflects a weakness of character.

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