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The researchers carried two experiments. For the first experiments, they let students take the long version questionnaire home and return it at the next class meeting. On the other hand, for the second experiment, they chose the best 10 items due to time and space limitations. Note that the participants of each experiment are different.

I would rather do something that requires little thought than something that is sure to challenge my thinking abilities.

I don't like to have the responsibility of handling a situation that requires a lot of thinking.

I would prefer complex to simple problems.

I try to anticipate and avoid situations where there is a likely chance I will have to think in depth about something

I find little satisfaction in deliberating hard and for long hours.

Thinking is not my idea of fun.

The notion of thinking abstractly is not appealing to me

I prefer my life to be filled with puzzles that I must solve.

Simply knowing the answer rather than understanding the reasons for the answer to a problem is fine with me.

I don't reason well under pressure.

The idea of relying on thought to make my way to the top does not appeal to me.

I prefer to talk about international problems rather than to gossip or talk about celebrities.

Learning new ways to think doesn't excite me very much.

I would prefer a task that is intellectual, difficult, and important to one that is somewhat important but does not require much thought.

I generally prefer to accept things as they are rather than to question them.

It is enough for me that something gets the job done, I don't care how or why it works.

I tend to set goals that can be accomplished only by expending considerable mental effort.

I have difficulty thinking in new and unfamiliar situations.

I feel relief rather than satisfaction after completing a task that required a lot of mental effort.

My initial impressions of people are almost always right.

I trust my initial feelings about people.

When it comes to trusting people, I can usually rely on my "gut feelings."

I believe in trusting my hunches

I can usually feel when a person is right or wrong even if I can't explain how I know.

I am a very intuitive person.

I can typically sense right away when a person is lying.

I am quick to form impressions about people.

I believe I can judge character pretty well from a person's appearance.

I often have clear visual images of things

I have a very good sense of rhythm.

I am good at visualizing things.

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