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For each of the following statements, please use the rating scale to indicate how well each statement describes your experiences in the past 15 minutes.

I was aware of different emotions that arose in me

I tried to pay attention to pleasant and unpleasant sensations

I found some of my experiences interesting

I noticed many small details of my experience

I felt aware of what was happening inside of me

I noticed pleasant and unpleasant emotions

I actively explored my experience in the moment

I clearly physically felt what was going on in my body

I changed my body posture and paid attention to the physical process of moving

I felt that I was experiencing the present moment fully

I noticed pleasant and unpleasant thoughts

I noticed emotions come and go

I noticed various sensations caused by my surroundings (e.g., heat, coolness, the wind on my face)

I noticed physical sensations come and go

I had moments when I felt alert and aware

I felt closely connected to the present moment

I noticed thoughts come and go

I felt in contact with my body

I was aware of what was going on in my mind

It was interesting to see the patterns of my thinking

I noticed some pleasant and unpleasant physical sensations

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