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For each of the following questions, please check the box that best reflects how good you are at doing the following things:

How good are you at working with fractions?

How good are you at working with percentages?

How good are you at calculating a 15% tip?

How good are you at figuring out how much a shirt will cost if it is 25% off?

When reading the newspaper, how helpful do you find tables and graphs that are parts of a story?

When people tell you the chance of something happening, do you prefer that they use words ("it rarely happens") or numbers ("there's a 1% chance")?

When you hear a weather forecast, do you prefer predictions using percentages (e.g., there will be a 20% chance of rain today) or predictions using only words (e.g., there is a small chance of rain today)? (preference)

How often do you find numerical information to be useful?

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