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Please answer each statement below by putting a circle around the number that best reflects your degree of agreement or disagreement with that statement. Do not think too long about the exact meaning of the statements. Work quickly and try to answer as accurately as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. There are seven possible responses to each statement ranging from Completely Disagree (number 1) to Completely Agree (number 7).

Expressing my emotions with words is not a problem for me.

I often find it difficult to see things from another persons viewpoint.

On the whole, Im a highly motivated person.

I usually find it difficult to regulate my emotions.

I generally dont find life enjoyable.

I can deal effectively with people.

I tend to change my mind frequently.

Many times, I cant figure out what emotion I'm feeling.

I feel that I have a number of good qualities.

I often find it difficult to stand up for my rights.

Im usually able to influence the way other people feel.

On the whole, I have a gloomy perspective on most things.

Those close to me often complain that I dont treat them right.

I often find it difficult to adjust my life according to the circumstances.

On the whole, Im able to deal with stress.

I often find it difficult to show my affection to those close to me.

Im normally able to get into someones shoes and experience their emotions.

I normally find it difficult to keep myself motivated.

Im usually able to find ways to control my emotions when I want to. On the whole, Im pleased with my life.

On the whole, Im pleased with my life.

I would describe myself as a good negotiator.

I tend to get involved in things I later wish I could get out of.

I often pause and think about my feelings.

I believe Im full of personal strengths.

I tend to back down even if I know Im right.

I dont seem to have any power at all over other peoples feelings.

I generally believe that things will work out fine in my life

I find it difficult to bond well even with those close to me.

Generally, Im able to adapt to new environments.

Others admire me for being relaxed.

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